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Closed circuit television also known as surveillance cameras are the most preferred type of security. High resolution cameras are used to capture footage on recording systems to provide evidence for investigation purposes or operational activities review. With full time or motion based recording, email notifications keeping you informed and analytics such as line crossing, motion detection etc, surveillance cameras are the most comprehensive form of digital security.

Alarm System

Intruder Detection systems are designed to deter possible intrusions by using a variety of high tech sensors. Instant audible and visual alerts come in the form of sirens and strobes, and SMS/e-mail notifications are correspondingly sent to designated personnel. Radio systems may be connected to provide alerts to local rapid response companies.

Access Control

Access Control systems are designed to restrict access to authorised personnel/Vehicles using Biometric readers, Turnstiles, bollards etc. Access Control systems provide reports on areas accessed and flexible access rights.


Various types of readers can be deployed to restrict access depending on security levels required. Standard solutions
include entering a pin code or badging proximity cards for internal doors. High end biometric systems can also be used for high security areas such as strong rooms in banks etc. Biometric options include fingerprint readers,
Palm readers, Facial recognition and Iris recognition.

Gate Automation

Automatic Gates and Barriers are used to improve security at residences/commercial areas. Using remotes to open/close gates and barriers adds to the convenience of not having to wait for guards. Automatic Barriers are also used for parking systems with automated ticket and payment stations to add security and improve revenue collection. The current parking system at the Kilimanjaro International Airport is a landmark installation of automated parking systems conducted by us and our partner BSS


Retrofit automation units can be installed on virtually any gate to make them operate automatically. Whether it be a swing or a slide gates, BSS offers various automation units to fit any gate. This allows for convinence and security when approaching gates by virtue of using remotes to open/close gates

Electric Fence

Electric fencing is effective for both protecting a property from intruders, and containing wildlife within a designated area. Serving as a physical and psychological deterrent against intruders, and a barrier for animals trying to roam beyond a certain point. Offering a non-lethal barrier for households, businesses and conservation areas.
Electric Fences are durable and easy to maintain, allowing for easy integration of existing alarm systems. Sensor switches can be added to automatically adjust sensitivity and zoning provides information on attempted point of entry.

Wall Tops

Wall Tops
Wall top fences as the name suggests are designed to be installed on walls of a premises to act as a barrier from intruders jumping over walls. The current industry standard provides for an 8 strand fence to be erected over walls but may go higher depending on the level of threat and wall height. Braintech staff are trained to install fences as per international standards and to ensure that shock levels are maintained through out the fence.

Free Standing

Free standing fences are installed in areas where a wall is not present. These fences act both as a
physical barrier due to the type of wire used and can provide powerful shocks during a break in attempt.
Game Fencing
Game fences are shorter fences that are designed to contain animals. These are specilaly designed
to run on low voltage and to protect the hide of an animal in case of an attempted breach.

Security Scanners

Security Scanners such as walk-through x-rays, baggage x-rays, and hand-held scanners, detect metal/inorganic substances. Under-vehicle surveillance scanners aide in monitoring the complete under-carriage of vehicles for the detection of any suspicious objects. Records of images captured are maintained for future investigations. All there scanners conforms to ICAO and IATA standards


Effective Communications systems are the heart of any business. Communications systems include computer networks and telephony systems. Networking systems are available in wired and wireless set ups which include fiber connectivity. Telephony has been transformed to allow for flexible communications amongst office locations and to reduce overall communication costs. Part of communication systems also include intercom systems. Commonly found in commercial buildings and apartment set ups, intercom systems allow for improved security and record keeping of visitors.


Local Area Networks are the lifeline of any business. Technologies such as surveillance cameras, Telephony systems, etc depend on network systems. Braintech provides wired, wireless and fiber networking systems to increase
effeciency and reduce costs

Telephone systems

IP phones are now the standard basis of communication and have inherent features that reduce costs and
increase efficiency. IP systems include various features geared towards businesses.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems come in various configurations. Whether it be small one to one systems to
highly complex intercom systems for buildings and commercial properties

Fire System

Fire Detection systems use smoke, heat and other sensors to detect fire. The fire detection systems provided are of European certified systems along with International standards for installation. Fire detection systems include early smoke detection sensors are used for server rooms and high value areas, where by even smoldering of wires is detected on a particle level.

Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance Systems use biometric data to record staff shifts; allowing for accurate payroll calculations, aiding in the reduction of costs and improving overall staff efficiency. These systems eliminate ‘ghost workers’ and provide flexible shifts/working locations. One of the biggest banes for companies and Government Organizations is the rampant effect of Ghost workers. With Time and attendance systems from Braintech, this problem is completely elimanited via biometric authentication systems.